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Glen Cairn: Canada's Centennial City!

The Glen Cairn neighbourhood of Kanata was originally built with big Canada's Centennial City. During the opening week of the model homes in 1963, approximately 90,000-100,000 people visited the site. The houses in the first phase range in style from more traditional, to some daring mid-century modern designs. I am not sure what happened along the way, but the development did not become an actual "city". The northeast quadrant was built close to the original plan, but the subsequent phases have a different layout. The master plan called for industrial land, but I am not exactly certain where this was supposed to be. The original proposal leads me to believe that it was planned for both north (along Hazeldean) and south of Glen Cairn (where there currently is a business park). Also interesting is how the original plan was to be designed so that children would not have to cross an arterial road to get to school. This was something that was a