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The modern townhouses of Ottawa

From the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s a series of modern townhouse developments were built in Ottawa. Although they were built just outside the mid-century period, they have a very modern design aesthetic. Both the exteriors and the interior plans of these houses are unique and on my list of favourite plans. Where Booth Street meets Lebreton Flats is a row of houses that are a perfect example of this style of modern townhouse. Each house is a different colour - allowing for individuality in the collective row. The surrounding area has pockets of such houses, including the ones shown below: The Village Green, by J. Perez Corporation, c.1981 Many of the modern townhouses of this era are split-level designs and feature vaulted upper-floor ceilings as in the cross-section below.   The importance of natural lights is a common theme with these designs, so skylights and large windows are often used. In some houses interior windows and wall cut