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Manifesto Preview

I am working on the full expression of my manifesto, but below is an introduction to the 3 main aspects of the work that will be elaborated upon in the coming weeks. Suggested accompanying music while reading: Midnight City by M83. Learning from the Past to Inform the Future. Those who read my blog know that I have a passion for the recent past when it comes to housing design and history. That said, I still follow current trends in housing design and collect plans and ephemera for recently-built housing – after all it will one day become a part of the recent past. I have found that in recent years there seems to be void in creative expressions of housing design in the National Capital Region. I by no means mean to discount the current new housing stock, I just feel that we can look to what was done in the past to inform new ways of designing living spaces for the present. Inspiration has been taken from built and un-built innovative housing and community design in Canada and the Unite