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Eastview aka: Castle Heights/Overbrook

Located north and south of Donald Street, west of St. Laurent, is a pocket of early MCM houses. The area was once part of an area called Eastview, but is now know as Castle Heights or Overbrook. Below is a map of Ottawa new home developments from 1956 showing Castle Heights as a part of Overbrook. Interestingly, although both Campeau and Minto built in the area, I have not been able to find too much information on their developments. This map of Campeau developments from a 1959 brochure does not even show Eastview/Castle odd. Located closest to St. Laurent is the area that was built by Campeau during the 1950s. Below is an article that mentions the first house that Robert Campeau built for himself and then sold for profit in Eastview. Many of the houses have more traditionally-inspired architecture, yet hint at the mid-century modern trends that were emerging in the architecture world. The best hint at this modernism is