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Regional in Convent Glen

By request, below are the plans for the houses built by Regional in Convent Glen, Orleans. These houses were built on the following streets: Acadian Gardens, Beaujolais Crescent, Bordeau Grove and parts of Vineyard Drive, between 1978-1984. The exteriors of the houses are a good reflection of the styles of the time - straddling the mid-century modern/1970s contemporary era and an interest in more traditional design that became popular in the 1980s.   Also of note is how the layouts are compartmentalized with separate rooms, as opposed to a more open concept arrangement. This is also a sign of the times where there was a movement away from the open concept layouts found in some mid-century modern houses. It would be interesting to see how many of these houses have been renovated to open up the kitchens to the family rooms, now that open concept layouts are en vogue again.