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The Art of the Mid-Century Floor Plan - Part 2: The Facade

A key element of a floor plan brochure is the exterior image of what the house will look like once built. These are typically drawings or paintings and are easier to understand than a technical blueprint rendering of a facade. Many of these images from the mid-20th century are like a work of art. The detail and artistic flourish of this ephemera has always delighted me. Sadly, the artists behind these images are not often disclosed, although sometimes initials or a signature appear at the bottom of the page. In more recent times the artistic nature of these images has been lost with computer-generated facade renderings on floor plan brochures. So, let us celebrate a these hand-crafted images from the mid-20th century! ASSALY Assaly's facade images from the 1960s often depict picture-perfect nuclear families. Each one is very painterly and depict a variety of seasons - such as the autumn image below. By far these are the most detailed of the floor plan facade images from