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Idea File: California Dreaming in Ottawa

In addition to my collection of Ottawa and Toronto-area floor plans and housing ephemera, I also have boxes upon boxes of American plans and articles - with a particular interest in Californian housing.  Within this collection I have some favourite designs that I keep revisiting for inspiration, as I also design floor plans as a hobby (none have been built). Among my most cherished "inspiration" plans are those designed by the mid-century architect partners Robert E. Jones and Edwin K. Hom. Recently I discovered that some Ottawa houses may have been inspired by some townhouse designs by these architects. Here is what I have found:   A while ago I published a post on the Assaly Villas built in the 1960s and 1970s  in Westcliffe Estates (Bell's Corners) and Trend Village :  Assaly Villas . In these neighbourhoods a series of exterior styles for the houses were offered, including the "Spanish Valencia", shown below:     Many of the houses built with th