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Campeau in Stone Gate Farm - Kanata

Campeau in Stone Gate Farm - Kanata When:  The very late 1970s and early 1980s.  Where:  Stone Gate Farm is located in the Katimavik area of Kanata. The houses were built on a few streets off of McCurdy Drive and Sewell Way.  There are other Campeau designs that were built in the area, including semi-detached/linked designs, but I do not have the plans. It also appears that some of the same designs that were built in later phases of Chatelaine Village were built here:  campeau in chatelaine village   What I Know: Some mid-century modern and 1970s contemporary features can be found in the designs for these houses, such as sunken rooms.  As was common for smaller detached houses at the time in this area, ensuite bathrooms were rare, but the main bathrooms had a "cheater door" to the master bedroom.    The facades have a mixture of exterior materials and t he roof lines also have a touch of mid-century modernism with a Dutch Gable roof (seen on the garage below). Based on earli

A. B. Taylor homes in The 1950s

Homes by A. B Taylor in The 1950s The builder A. B. Taylor constructed houses in the Copeland Park area of Ottawa during the 1950s and 1960s. The earlier designs - located to the west of Maitland Avenue - are compact and modest, common for the time. I previously did a post on how these designs were updated for the 1960s with architectural flair - here is the link:  Copeland Park - Before and After . The plans in this post below are the earlier designs from the 1950s.  Typical for houses of the era, most layouts do not have a back door to the rear yard. Instead, they have a side door near the kitchen, often with access to the basement. Bathrooms are compact, as are the kitchens -  yet space is still provided for a small table. Only the larger split level designs and 2-stories have a second wash room (powder room). Front entries are small, leaving more square footage for the living spaces. The price list below indicates the sizes of the houses - quite small - yet they were commodious for