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Happy Holidays!

Riverside Park West

As a follow up to my last post, now I will look at Riverside Park West. Campeau built similar plans to those in Riverside Park East in the area, but there are some new designs as well - some of which are quite modern (c. 1962): I absolutely love the facade of this house! My favourite features are the horizontal windows just below the roof between the rafters. I also appreciate the straightforward and practical floor plan - living spaces to the front, bedrooms to the back and the bathroom in the core. It appears that few with modern facade were actually built, but I found this one! On the plan the roof appears flat, but in reality there appears to be a shallow slope. The same plan, but with a hipped roof. This facade option proved more popular compared to the flat roof version and there are quite a few in the area - above and below. The reverse plan was also available with bedrooms at the front. This design also has a great modern facade wi

Riverside Park East

The area around Riverside Drive and Walkley Road has a cluster of distinct neighbourhoods that are a part of Riverside Park. This posting will focus on the North-Eastern section of the area, and in particular the houses built by Campeau in the early 1960s (c. 1961-1964). This period of designs by Campeau includes some striking mid-century modern houses.  In 1961 Campeau released a brand new series of plans, and in particular I will focus on these designs.  The same plans were also built in parts of Queensway Terrace.  One of the most striking changes from their 1950s designs is that the houses were no longer full brick.  Various examples of the all-brick designs exist side-by-side with the newer plans. A 1962 article from National Builder, showing which plans were the best-selling at the time. Below is a selection of plans and present-day images of the houses in this area. Most plans had two exterior options, and I have picked only one to display in this pos