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The small Post-War 1 1/2-Storey House - Part Two

The small Post-War 1  1/2-Storey House - Part Two Subsequent to my previous post:  The small Post-War 1 1/2-Storey House - Part One , I felt that I needed a follow-up to share more information that I have come across and to share some additional floor plans. Carleton Heights Co-op homes: Image taken from the NFB Eve Witness no. 40 video in the link below. During the early 1950s a group of families worked as a co-operative to pool their resources and labour to built 29 small 1  1/2-storey houses in the Carleton Heights neighbourhood. From what I can tell, they were built on Argue Drive near Goodwin Avenue. Additions have been built onto a number of houses and even full-height second floors. In more recent years a number of the houses have been torn down and replaced with much larger houses, something that is becoming more common in that neighbourhood. Here is a link to a NFB video on the project (it starts at the 7:20 mark in the video):  Eye Witness no. 40 Some More Layout Variations: